Die Kunst der Kuben

Hardcover Book 2017

The cube art shows the work of Düsseldorf architect Georg Döring in striking fashion.
Using twelve built examples on the theme of residential buildings, he aims to demonstrate his approach to architecture.

There are also text contributions such as a foreword, his work methodology, an interview and the written explanations of the built examples.
Committed to modernity and as an advocate of the right angle, he produces results that are very puristic on the one hand and very spatial on the other hand.
The buildings are cubic manifestations that, nevertheless, are developed from inside to outside.
They are strict and playful in appearance at the same time and display a high degree both of aesthetics and of usability.


Editor: Georg Döring

Publishing house: Walther König

Foreword: Frank F. Drewes

Text: Sabine Bungert & Georg Döring, Köln 2017

Dimensions: 17,3 x 24 cm

Extent: 182 S. mit 196 farb., teils ganz- bzw. doppelseit. Abb. & Plänen, gebunden

Book design: grossgestalten | Köln

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