The architecture office established by Georg Döring under the same name in 1999 is noted for the quality of its work in concept design, planning and realisation of individual buildings.

By integrating technical, economic, sociological and aesthetic factors and by employing and coordinating a wide range of specialists, we ensure that all planning (preliminary, draft, approval and executing planning), preparation and support in securing planning permission, building supervision, property management, coordination, artistic design, etc., are provided strictly according to the work contract agreed with the client.
We also offer additional services such as interior design, tenancy planning, drafting room books, furniture design, etc.

Georg Döring

Born 8 june 1962 in Düsseldorf, Germany

Studies of architecture at technical university Braunschweig, ETH Zürich, TH Darmstadt

Student internship in the architect’s office HPP Düsseldorf/Frankfurt, prof. Heinz Mohl, Itten + Brechbühl, Wolfgang Döring 1988/92

Graduated 1992

Employed by the architects Murphy/Jahn in Chicago 1992/93

Employed by the architect Wolfgang Döring 1993/95

Work for the architects HPP 1995

Junior partner in the planning office Kiemle Kreidt in Düsseldorf 1995/99

1999 own architect firm established in Düsseldorf

1994 inclusion in the NRW chamber of architects

2012 appointed to the BDA Düsseldorf

2014 board member (assessor) of BDA Düsseldorf

2015 vice president of BDA Düsseldorf

2017 president of BDA Düsseldorf

2019 member of  the advisory board  for high-risers of the City Düsseldorf

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