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Welcome to Georg Döring Architects.

Welcome to
Georg Döring Architects.

Our architecture is like our firm: simplicity, clarity, honesty. Yet at the same time surprising. Our approach is future-oriented. Yet is formed by the ideas of classical modernism from the early 20th Century. Our methods are in the most positive sense extrovert, yet still integrate the old with the new.

Solid elements combine with experimental details of the highest quality to generate a fascinating tension, which in turn generates a unique expressiveness. The client’s special character and his economic coordinates form the basis for our open and future-oriented architecture.


New construction of a semi-detached house

We are planning for a young couple in Düsseldorf on the left bank of the Rhine
a single-family house, the exterior meets the strict
Must subject the restrictions of an outdated development plan
but inside there is a space fireworks display that extends over three floors


New construction of a school

We are planing the newly founded Rafael School in Ratingen,
in which the Waldorf Education for primary school children founded by Rudolf Steiner
will be taught until upper secondary level.


zwischen Plastik Bild Architektur


Ab 05. Juli 2020


Georg Döring
Carl Hager
Peter Heister
Paulina Hoffmann
Götz Leimkühler
Hans-Jürgen Söffker
Andreas Stöhr
Frank Weidenbach
Andreas Werder


Eröffnung der Ausstellung
Sonntag, 5. Juli 2020, 11:00 bis 23:00 Uhr

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Mittwoch, 22. Juli 2020


Galerie Peter Tedden

Mutter-Ey-Straße 5
40213 Düsseldorf


Mi – Fr 15 – 19 Uhr, Sa 10 – 14 Uhr
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Modern living with green and old

Assisted living in Heinsberg

In the city center of Heinsberg a residential complex with 26 units for assisted living in a beautiful ambience from existing residential buildings the industrial culture of the beginning 20th century with equally old tree population  integrated resp. erected. The road accompanying, new development closes an open property and  thus generates intimate living with a lot of green in the middle of the city.

Live with a view

Single and Multi-family houses in Düsseldorf

On the river Rhine in the north of Düsseldorf, an ensemble of three residential buildings, consisting of two detached houses and a multi-family house with underground parking, will be built in coherent architectural language of high and modern quality. The goal is to generate a total experience of high urban and landscape desity, coupled with fantastic views of the Rhein.

New place new chance

Conversion in Cologne

We have been commissioned to build an existing residential and commercial building, the former Franz Sauer fashion department store, in the city centre of Cologne for the Cologne City Museum as an interim quarter for the next 10 years.
Where fine textiles used to be sold, the museum will find its new location in and for the city in 2020 with its extensive collection and all its facilities on around 3000m².

Mass and Elegance

Single-Family House in Düsseldorf

A three storey family house with two units, each with its own entrance, closes itself to the heavily trafficked street and opens up with a large terrace and openings to the garden in the south.

The building receives a brick facade and big sliding windows  supporting the strong cubature.

Square, practical, better


On a rural property with square construction window emerges a detached house for a young family.
The outside static cubature in its inside hides a multitude of spatial sequences and features, which turn everyday living into a gripping experience.

We are stronger together


A 3-floor residential building is being developed for an assembly in a quiet side street of the Quellenbusch district. The compact, meandering building structure forms a courtyard situation with the opposing existing building. The “Villa Pillebach” has 14 different sizes of housing unit and an inward-facing courtyard to form a community space with a large garden area.

Courage comes at the beginning of action,

happiness at its end.


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