Monolithic, regenerative
single-family house in Mülheim
OBERKLASSE IN OBERKASSEL,12 großzügige Wohnungen, ein Supermarkt und zwei Einzelhändler finden in diesem Neubau-,ensemble ihren Platz.

residential- and commercial building in Düsseldorf-Oberkassel

Residential and commercial building in Düsseldorf-Oberkassel

12 spacious apartments, a supermarket and two retail units are located in this new bulding ensemble.

The central buidling element is a reconstructed neoclassical house with an added floor,  by two modern, but differently articularled building sections. From a technical and function point of view, this troika is a single building, but nevertheless shows differences in facade, cubature and height. One point deserving special mention is that there is only one staircase for all units due to the supermarket on the gorund floor.

Floor space: 4,800 m²

Enclosed space: 19,300 m³

Planning/construction period: 2010 to 2016

single-family house in Mülheim Monolithic, regenerative Project
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