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Welcome to Georg Döring Architects.

Welcome to
Georg Döring Architects.

Our architecture is like our firm: simplicity, clarity, honesty. Yet at the same time surprising. Our approach is future-oriented. Yet is formed by the ideas of classical modernism from the early 20th Century. Our methods are in the most positive sense extrovert, yet still integrate the old with the new.

Solid elements combine with experimental details of the highest quality to generate a fascinating tension, which in turn generates a unique expressiveness. The client’s special character and his economic coordinates form the basis for our open and future-oriented architecture.

Residential buildings of the year 2024

Our apartment block for the ‘Villa Pillebach’ building group is nominated for Residential Buildings of the Year 2024, the prestigious architecture prize awarded by the Callwey publishing house.

Houses of the year 2024

Our detached house project in Langenfeld has been selected and nominated for Houses of the Year 2024, the prestigious architecture prize of the Callwey publishing house.

single-family house in Essen

We are planning a single-family house for a family with a dog in the south of Essen. The rectangular cubature excludes the street to the north with its back and the garden to the south with its angled interior sides.

renovation of a monument in Düsseldorf

In the immediate vicinity of the Hofgarten, we are renovating and building a residential building from 1885 as far as necessary and above all possible. While retaining the unique and original interior design, five residential units will be created.

Renovation of a living- and commercial building in Düsseldorf

We are renovating a five-storey terraced building to make it more energy-efficient. In particular, we are preserving and renovating the facades, which are clad in exposed concrete in the brutalist design typical of the 1970s.

renovation of a single-family house on the rhine

We are completely remodeling and converting a single-family home from the ground up and refurbishing it in its entirety. It should be emphasized above all that some of the storey ceilings are being broken out for greater clear heights and a completely new staircase is being implemented. Furthermore, a new roof will be placed one meter higher than before.

single-family house in Langenfeld

We are planning and building a single-family house in Lagenfeld for a young family. The cubature of a rectangular and compact structure is determined by the development plan. As a result of this and the terraces on the top floor, all living spaces open up to the south-facing garden.

Cube 02 2023


Our project “New construction of a single-family house in Langenfeld” was published in the edition 02 2023 of Cube by b1 communication GmbH under the title “Kubus mit Überraschung”
Read more about this project under Publications or Projects.

ID Architektur! 02 2023


It takes two! Two of our projects (Single-family house Düsseldorf-Ludenberg II, single-family house in Düsseldorf-Grafenberg) were published in Edition 02 2023 of Inspiration Design Architektur! under the title „Zwei geometrisch verschieden angeordnete Kuben“ and “das originalgetreu nachgebaute, moderne Kutschenhaus mit Anbau”.
Read more about our projects under Publications or Projects.

Zuhause.: Planen. Gestalten. Leben.

Edition 1:100

Our project of the same name “Two-Family House in Düsseldorf-Zoo” was published in the publication “Zuhause.: Planen. Gestalten. Leben. Edition 1:100” by Deutscher Architektur Verlag.
Read more about this project under Publications or Projects


On the outskirts of Düsseldorf, a single-family home is being built for a young family in harmony with nature.

Conversion Kölnisches Stadtmuseum

We have been commissioned to build an existing residential and commercial building, the former Franz Sauer fashion department store, in the city centre of Cologne for the Cologne City Museum as an interim quarter for the next 10 years.
Where fine textiles used to be sold, the museum will find its new location in and for the city in 2020 with its extensive collection and all its facilities on around 3000m².

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