Single-family house Meerbusch II
Single-family house Erkrath-Hochdahl

The house of two faces.

Single-family house in Solingen

This  house on a hill has two faces. Towards the road it appears as a bungalow and towards the garden as a two-storey edifice with terrace. Once again, residents live here in the upper floor and sleep at the garden level.

A two-storey single-family dwelling was constructed for a family of four on a hillside plot in a rural area. Because of the hillside location, the upper floor is used for living and the garden level floor is used for sleeping. The dwelling is positioned at right angles to the slope so that all the rooms are provided with sufficient sunlight and fresh air. Due to this geographical position, the dwelling appears to be a single-storey bungalow if viewed from the street and a two-storey split-level house if viewed from the garden side.

Floor space: 276 m²

Converted space: 1.291 m³

Planning/construction period: 2008-2011

Single-family house Erkrath-Hochdahl Single-family house Meerbusch II Project
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