single-family house in Mülheim
Single-family house Düsseldorf-Ludenberg II

More Light For Teheran!

Apartment Building in Teheran, Iran

In the centre of this city with a pop. of 12 million, eleven luxurious condominiums with a total of 4,700 m² of living space and with all the facilities of a grand hotel were built. What makes this building very special is its glass-roofed inner courtyard covering all seven floors down to the ground level. Like a lantern, this effuses natural light onto all rooms on the inner side. This courtyard also serves as conduit, by means of bridges and a glazed elevator, to all apartments in the building.

floor space: 4.730 m²

converted space: 30.689 m³

planning/construction period: 2004 – 2015

Single-family house Düsseldorf-Ludenberg II single-family house in Mülheim Project
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