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Welcome to Georg Döring Architects.

Welcome to
Georg Döring Architects.

Our architecture is like our firm: simplicity, clarity, honesty. Yet at the same time surprising. Our approach is future-oriented. Yet is formed by the ideas of classical modernism from the early 20th Century. Our methods are in the most positive sense extrovert, yet still integrate the old with the new.

Solid elements combine with experimental details of the highest quality to generate a fascinating tension, which in turn generates a unique expressiveness. The client’s special character and his economic coordinates form the basis for our open and future-oriented architecture.

Das Hoch im Norden

Einfamilienhaus in Delmenhorst

Entwurf eines Einfamilienhauses mit einem Vollgeschoß und einem Staffelgeschoß.
Die Formgebung des Gebäudes schließt sich aus der Lage des Grundstückes und aus der Orientierung des Gebäudes zu den Himmelsrichtungen. Das Gebäude öffnet sich nach Süden zum Garten und ist im Norden geschlossen.
Das Staffelgeschoß schiebt sich über das Erdgeschoß und definiert den Gebäudeeingang.

A very special combination: grey plaster and expanded metal.

EFH Duisburg-Huckingen

This project is for a single-floor rectangualr structure with an echelon top floor. A double garage with a room for building technolog – in the absence of a basement level– is integrated with the building. The rooms are open to the garden and turned away from the street. One special feature is that the ground-level facade will be of grey plaster while the top level is realised in expanded metal.

That’s the way we like it: small architecture office with a big project.

Residential building in Meerbusch

We find ourselves here in a bidding competition that first has to be won: The former building yard of the Meerbusch municipal authority is the location for a publically subsidised housing development along the road and, behind this, five multi-unit houses. Our proposal: The four-level loggia apartment buildings form the backbone of a new residential district with plenty of green space and playgrounds. There will be space for all cars in an adequate bassement garage.

Monolithic, regenerative

Single-family house in Düsseldorf-Stockum

The house entrance, the loggia and the pergola are formed by voluminous recesses and embayments of a two-level cube. Adequate space for a family of four is provided by this open ground floor in the form of a single room and a classic upper floor with bedroom and bathroom, as well as a small office. The house is realised as a monolith and with regenerative buidling technology.

With internal and external appeal

Multi-family house in Düsseldorf-Flingern

A multi-family dwelling with five full-floor apartments provides an extremely generous living standard in the city centre of Düsseldorf. One very special and sustained exclusive feature is the heat generation system based on geothermal and solar-thermal energy and the separate apartment station for decentral energy distribution for heating and warm water.

Dancing on the roof in Teheran!

High-rise apartment building in Teheran, Iran

This will see an 11-floor high-rise apartment building in the north of Teheran. The building is characterised by balconies of differing sizes, which are variously arranged in the apartments covering the entire level. The building also has a large entrance hall, a spa and fitness area and an entertainment area on the roof.

Courage comes at the beginning of action,

happiness at its end.